if you do not wear a mask during the pandemic

When the pandemic started, the health officials said we were not supposed to use masks because they were needed by the medical community. As such, many followed the orders to find out that the instructions changed later -from the same health officials-. We now had to cover our nose and mouth. I understand why some people might feel all this information is contradictory and why they would feel uneasy in following every changing advise. Here is the thing, the more we learn, the better prepared we are. During 2020, very, very, very smart people dedicated their lives and used their knowledge to understand how this COVID-19 virus started, how it works and how it spreads.  Some of them even lost their own lives in trying to gain this understanding. And in less than a year, these people have made leaps and bounds to learn how this sneaky and deadly virus behaves. Only to help us all. As soon as they confirmed a finding, they let us know. Thankfully, we live in a highly interconnected world and do not need to wait for days or months to get to this important information. So, as soon as they confirmed a finding such as the one stating that wearing masks, not gathering, and keeping our distance are key to prevent the spread of the virus, we heard it. If you feel you are being manipulated by conspiracies and contradicting information, it is ok, as long as you understand that a lot of research based on the virus has been achieved by now, and that the conclusion is YES, WE ALL NEED TO WEAR MASKS, NOT GATHER, AND KEEP OUR DISTANCE because YES THIS SLOWS THE SPEAD OF THE VIRUS. Mask wearing is not taking way your freedom, it is allowing you to at least be outside during a deadly pandemic. How would you have behaved during the black death, or if you were living in the African countries that are being battered by Ebola? Would you be going out to eat with friends, mingling? protesting measures to prevent you from dying or getting others sick and dead? Or meeting with people everywhere? Probably not. As humans we have the potential to harm but also to do good, not because it benefits us individually, but because this benefits humanity. So please put things in perspective, we are in a deadly pandemic, and we are being given the choice and honor to take care of others. Please wear masks, do not gather, and keep your distance. The world and humanity will thank you!

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