Climate Change uh?

Most people around the world understand what Climate Change is; however, if you are one of those that does not make sense of it, here, we will try to help you understand more about it.

Have you ever been in a parked car in the middle of summer, under the direct light of the sun, with windows rolled up and NO air conditioning? Do you remember how unbearably hot it gets? And no matter what you do, it just gets hotter and hotter?

What if, the windows and doors of the car are locked and you are unable to get of that horrible heat. In “fancy” terms this, is what Green House effect is. Something that gets a lot of heat and it is unable to get rid of it. The burning and using of so many chemicals by humans act as the lock in the car.

Let’s go back to the car. You start sweating like you have never before. You might think this could be a good thing! who does not need to lose some weight, ah? But at the end of it all, you/we all know that if you do not get our of that car in time, you would will eventually die. Climate Change is precisely that, the consequence of being unable to get rid of that heat.

Earth is that locked car and humans are navigating inside this space ship called Earth. The consequences of Climate Change are seen every day:

  • Warmer oceans, which are the fuel in storms. Thus, storms and hurricanes are now stronger and stronger, leading to major flooding, loss of lives and assets. These will continue to increase.
  • Achoo! yup, allergies. Have you noticed that there are no real seasons anymore? Let’s see, fall is like 1 day of the year, summer seems to have replaced the 9-month winter, what is spring again? and why is it snowing in June??? All those allergens we see during the seasons are not going away, the result is, yes, more miserable allergy and asthma days.
  • Those changes in seasons and weather are also impacting the livelihood of humans because crops are being affected. How is a plant supposed to know when to bloom if there are 4 Easter weather patterns in the same year?
  • I want that animal for dinner! yum! … Well, not wanting to burst the bubble, but many species of animals are now gone forever and many, many others are getting extinct because they are not able to cope with the hot car.
  • Remember that most of the major extinctions on Earth have been due to some sort of Climate Change issue (sea rising, sea falling, flooding, etc.) and it will continue to happen. How soon we want the next one to happen is OUR CHOICE, well at least for approximately the next 10 years, after that, not a human’s choice anymore!

So what is one simple human minion supposed to do? ahhhhhhhh!

Well, try to cool down the car!

But HOW????

  • Buy energy efficient products.
  • Educate yourself and your children AND apply what you learned. A good source is the NASA Climate Change site at https://climate.nasa.
  • Ask your government (local and federal) to act now, not tomorrow, not later… N O W.
  • Do not accept “bs” from your politician(s), instead, demand actions now.
  • Ask your energy supplier what sources of energy they are using. If they are coal or fossil fuels (petroleum, gas, etc.) start asking for renewable sources (wind, sun, etc.).

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